PowerLinks 02.25.16
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PowerLinks 02.25.16

An Economist’s Rational Road to Christianity
Eric G. Falkenstein, Falkenblog

In Christianity, the perfect is not the enemy of the good, because it assumes that all people are imperfect, that such is the crooked timber of humanity. A Christian does not expect heaven on Earth, in that people are base, fallen, yet God loves us anyway if we love Him.

An economist’s radical idea to make India less corrupt
Kaushik Basu, Quartz

How contentious the law can be, I learned by fire, when I was chief economic adviser in India. Corruption has been a long-standing problem in India that successive regimes and governments have battled or given the impression of battling and mostly failed.

Think tank calls for payday loan market reforms
Emma Crawford Hampel, Business Vancouver

Changes to payday loan regulations in Canada are needed to protect both borrowers and society in general, according to a new report by Ottawa-based research organization Cardus.

California’s Bipartisan Push Against Occupational Licensing
Steven Greenhut , Reason.com

In an election year, it’s hard to imagine any substantive issue transcending the din of partisan bickering and resulting in meaningful proposals embraced by members of both parties. Yet such an issue is emerging in California.

Joe Carter

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