PowerLinks 03.10.16
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PowerLinks 03.10.16

Capitalism Is Feeding a Hungry World
Chelsea German, FEE

The ghost of Malthus haunts our public discourse.

Michigan Corporate Welfare’s Secret Giveaway: $1 Billion in 2016
James M. Hohman, Mackinac Center

According to the latest revenue estimates, Michigan state government expects to pay out $1.03 billion this fiscal year to companies awarded refundable business tax credits under programs that were repealed in 2011. Even for Lansing, this is a huge transfer of taxpayer resources to favored interests.

‘China Is Killing Us,’ And Other Populist Myths
David Harsanyi, The Federalist

I ran across a Gallup poll today that found 50 percent of Americans believe China is the world’s leading economic power. Fifty percent. Only 34 percent believe the United States is the world’s most powerful economy, despite every shred of evidence available. The idea that a plurality of Americans believe we’re worse off than China helps explains a lot about the anxiety of voters.

Why the poor pay more for toilet paper — and just about everything else
Emily Badger, Washington Post

“You can create a poverty trap even around the toilet paper that we study,” Orhun says. Middle-class consumers behave quite differently, she adds. “They buy when the price is right and wait when the price isn’t. But poor people don’t have that luxury.”

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