PowerLinks 03.17.16
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PowerLinks 03.17.16

Justice Dept. Condemns Profit-Minded Court Policies Targeting the Poor
Matt Apuzzo, New York Times

The Justice Department on Monday called on state judges across the country to root out unconstitutional policies that have locked poor people in a cycle of fines, debt and jail.

Sovereignty & Systems: Why American Government Has Failed
Alexander Salter, The Imaginative Conservative

Sovereignty is a kind of political property right. Like more familiar economic property rights, a political property right is a defined sphere of exclusive control. Unlike more familiar economic property rights, a political property right does not confer a right to enjoy a good or service, but to exercise power.

How Moral Outrage Makes Markets Work
Julian Adorney, FEE

Social signalling makes top-down regulation irrelevant.

Self-Sufficiency, Not Government Spending, Should Be the Measure of Antipoverty Progress
Robert Rector, The Daily Signal

This week President Barack Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services reached the startling conclusion that if massive welfare programs such as food stamps and the refundable earned income credit are counted as income, poverty is reduced.

Joe Carter

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