PowerLinks 03.28.16
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PowerLinks 03.28.16

Mayors Rise to the Defense of Free Trade
Ronald Brownstein , The Atlantic

As presidential candidates from both parties attack TPP, it’s municipal leaders who are offering the most cogent vision of global engagement.

A few takeaways from oral arguments in the Little Sisters of the Poor case
Kevin C. Walsh, Mirror of Justice

Most reports of yesterday’s oral arguments in the Little Sisters of the Poor case suggest that the Court is likely to split 4-4. That may be, I suppose, but who knows? In any event, this suggestion of an split understates just how bad of a day it was for the federal government. If Justice Scalia were still on the Court, the stories would be describing the argument as a government rout.

Millennials’ Approach to Trade
Bryan Riley, The Daily Signal

More than any other age group, people under the age of thirty (“millennials”) understand the important role international trade plays in the U.S. economy. Strong support from millennials gives an optimistic outlook for the future of international free trade.

A New Way To Feed Africa And Grow Upward Mobility
Evan Smith, Opportunity Lives

Many African nations are facing a serious agriculture problem. With conditions uncertain — weather changes, crop disease and price volatility being the most common factors of distress – it can be tough for farmers to obtain loans to help finance their yearly crops.

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