PowerLinks 04.01.16
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PowerLinks 04.01.16

We are facing an unprecedented age of terror
Jonathan Sacks, The Telegraph

The ethnic cleansing of Christians around the world is one of the great crimes of our age

“Pro-Business” or “Pro-Market”? And What’s the Difference?
Charles Koch Institute

Critics of free markets tend to mistakenly conflate a “pro-business” position with a pro-market one. In fact, the two positions are quite different.

How Crony Capitalism Works
The American Interest

A major source of growing inequality, he says, is not an excess of capitalism, but the distortion of it: The force of market competition has been concentrated on workers and small businesses, while elite professionals and financiers (who encompass the lion’s share of the 1%) have managed to engineer protectionist rackets.

$15-an-Hour Minimum Wage in California? Plan Has Some Worried
Noam Scheiber and Ian Lovett, New York Times

California is on the verge of making itself a guinea pig in a bold economics experiment.

Joe Carter

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