PowerLinks 05.18.16
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PowerLinks 05.18.16

Bribery Taints $2 Trillion of Transactions Globally, IMF Says
Ian Talley, Wall Street Journal

The broader cost of graft, fraud and other forms of official corruption is likely much higher.

The Promises and Perils of Christian Politics
Russell Kirk, The Imaginative Conservative

Every generation fights the same battles over again. So it is that many Christian communions, in the 1980s as in the 1930s, are deafened by fife and drum ecclesiastic.

Could The Next Bill Gates Hail From Africa?
Laura Secorun Palet, Ozy

They are determined to tend to the root causes of problems, moving away from “Band-Aid” solutions and one-off projects that disappear when the funding dwindles after a few months.

Don’t solve problems, stop causing them
Scott Sumner, EconLog

Given that I share the same utilitarian value system of many progressives, you might expect me to also be a progressive. If I had to provide a one sentence explanation of why I am not, I might use the title of this post.

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