PowerLinks 07.05.16
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PowerLinks 07.05.16

Minimum Wages And Trade Barriers Can’t Manufacture Dignity
Rachel Lu, The Federalist

Large-scale market interference risks turning some jobs into anti-productive workfare programs. What might that do for the dignity of the American worker?

Conservatives, Don’t Embrace Trump’s Protectionism
Clark Packard, RealClearPolicy

For many, Adam Smith won the intellectual argument about free trade with the publication of The Wealth of Nations in 1776. But the tide of protectionism has ebbed and flowed ever since.

Poor Kids Need Summer Jobs. Rich Kids Get Them.
Ben Casselman, FiveThirtyEight

It’s July, which means that across the country teenagers are flipping burgers, scooping ice cream and mowing lawns to save up money for school clothes, movie tickets and — oh, right — college tuition. But fewer young Americans are working summer jobs than in decades past, and fewer of those jobs are going to the teens who need them most.

Why Americans Should Care About Attacks on Religious Liberty in Russia
Sen. Ben Sasse, The Daily Signal

There are troubling new developments in Russia. Russia’s parliament, the Federal Assembly, has just approved so-called anti-terrorism legislation that criminalizes free speech and that attacks religious liberty.

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