PowerLinks 07.18.16
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PowerLinks 07.18.16

We Need to Talk About Downward Mobility
The American Interest

Low levels of social mobility, more than raw inequality or slow growth, is probably the greatest challenge facing the American political-economic system today.

Africa is moving toward a massive and important free trade agreement
Luke Warford, Washington Post

African heads of state and government officials are meeting this week in Kigali, Rwanda, for the 27th African Union Summit. On their agenda will be taking the next steps to establish a free-trade area that would include all 54 African countries — which could be up and running by the end of 2017.

How Girls in Blue-Collar Communities Are Being Left Behind
Emily Deruy, The Atlantic

Schools often offer vocational classes at the expense of advanced courses, which can leave young women with few options.

Fed Economists Try to Portray Bitcoin as a Fiat Currency
Demelza Hays, FEE

A University of Pennsylvania economics professor and an advisor to the Philadelphia Federal Reserve recently released a working paper claiming that Bitcoin is a fiat currency.

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