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PowerLinks 08.01.16

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Both Parties Used to Back Free Trade. Now They Bash It.
Jennifer Steinhauer, New York Times

Criticism of trade agreements, notably the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is a rare point of political agreement, including from the presidential nominees.

Anti-Catholic Blaine Amendment Could Damage Nevada School Choice Reform
Lindsey Burke , The Daily Signal

A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union is threatening education choice in Nevada.

The Fight-for-$15 Fantasy
Oren Cass, National Review

Minimum-wage silly season bursts into full bloom tonight, when the DNC features a “Fight for $15” advocate from Michigan. This follows from the party’s platform statement that “the current minimum wage is a starvation wage and must be increased to a living wage” and its call to “raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour over time and index it.”

Why Sri Lankans Want to Work in Beyonce’s “Sweatshop”
Ravi Ratnasabapathy, FEE

In June, the Sun newspaper in the UK claimed that a factory in Sri Lanka that produces a line of clothing for a popular singer Beyonce is using sweatshop “slaves.” The report attracted little interest in Sri Lanka, partly because attention was more focused on the devastating floods that hit the island. But perhaps the report also failed to make waves because it simply did not ring true; the mainstream apparel factories in Sri Lanka are seen as responsible and respected employers in the formal sector.

Joe Carter

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