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PowerLinks 08.03.16

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Pope Francis, world leader of the modern anti-slavery movement
Christopher White, Crux

On this worldwide anti-human trafficking day, the director of Catholic Voices USA salutes the epic efforts of Pope Francis to lead a global movement against one of the scourges of our time.

Australia shows why raising the minimum wage doesn’t always fix poverty
Luke Ryan, Quartz

The logic of lifting the minimum wage seems ironclad: More money for low-paid workers means less poverty and a stronger consumer economy. But if we look at the example set by the country with one of the highest minimum wages in the world—my homeland of Australia—you start to see that things aren’t quite as simple as that.

Government Regulators are Monopolies
Howard Baetjer, Jr., FEE

Why do we let monopolies provide the service of assuring product quality and safety?

Want to Help Reduce Poverty? Stop Penalizing Marriage, New Report Says
Evan Smith, Opportunity Lives

“Instead of rewarding people trying to create a stable family, our safety net actually discourages them”

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