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PowerLinks 08.04.16

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A Ban on Refugees Would Shut Out More Christians than Muslims
David Bier, FEE

Because most Syrian refugees are Muslim, and Syria has received the bulk of the attention recently, many people have come to associate the refugee program exclusively with the Middle East and Muslims.

Student Loans Date Back to the Middle Ages
Jenny Adams, Time

In 1473, Alexander Hardynge, who had finished his bachelor’s degree at Oxford nearly two years previous, borrowed money through an educational loan service. The loan came with a one year repayment deadline.

These States Added Work Requirements for Food Stamp Recipients: Here’s How It’s Working Out
Nathan Mateer and Rachel Sheffield, The Daily Signal

Several states have grappled with welfare reform. A few states that have incorporated work requirements have seen encouraging outcomes that should provide a blueprint for greater welfare reform efforts nationwide.

A guide to all of Donald Trump’s flip-flops on the minimum wage
Michelle Ye Hee Lee, Washington Post

The net result is that, if elected president, no matter the decision Trump makes on the minimum wage, he certainly can claim he’s being consistent with his previous stance — since he has been on nearly every side of the issue.

Joe Carter

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