PowerLinks 08.15.16
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PowerLinks 08.15.16

The Global Poor Desperately Need a Thing You Can’t Taste or Touch: Property Rights
Michael Matheson Miller, The Stream

Rio’s poor lack a much more important ticket than one to the Olympics. They lack a ticket into the game of capitalism. They lack property rights.

The Left’s War on Grit
Eric Bolling, The Daily Signal

I hate the question, “What’s the secret of your success?” There is no secret to being successful. Ask anybody who is successful and they will say some version of the same thing—perseverance, mental toughness, or my personal favorite: grit.

Here’s What You Can Do To Keep Government From Crushing Religious Charities
Frank Pavone, The Federalist

Despite losing in the U.S. Supreme Court, the Obama administration is still reluctant to stop forcing charities to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. But we can help.

The Millions of Americans Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Barely Mention: The Poor
Binyamin Appelbaum, New York Times

The United States, the wealthiest nation on Earth, also abides the deepest poverty of any developed nation, but you would not know it by listening to Hillary Clinton or Donald J. Trump, the major parties’ presidential nominees.

Joe Carter

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