PowerLinks 10.11.16
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PowerLinks 10.11.16

We Abandon Social Conservatism at Our Own Peril
Carlos D. Flores, Public Discourse

Fiscal conservativism cannot exist without social conservatism. Strong families form the foundation of healthy societies and strong economies.

Straight Talk About Christopher Columbus
David Tucker, Wall Street Journal

Europeans acted the way that conquerors always did. We judge them harshly because they spread a then-novel idea: equality.

Turkey Builds 9,000 Mosques, Bans Orthodox Christian Liturgy
Robert Jones, PJ Media

While the Turkish government has built so many mosques across the country with state funds, it has banned Orthodox Christian liturgy in the Sumela Monastery, a historic site in Trabzon.

Will Americans Ever Trust Their Government Again?
Salena Zito, The Federalist

It’s not just scandals like Watergate that have crippled voters’ trust. It’s also attitudes of entitlement and media fear-mongering.

Joe Carter

Joe Carter is a Senior Editor at the Acton Institute. Joe also serves as an editor at the The Gospel Coalition, a communications specialist for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and as an adjunct professor of journalism at Patrick Henry College. He is the editor of the NIV Lifehacks Bible and co-author of How to Argue like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History's Greatest Communicator (Crossway).