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PowerLinks 11.15.16

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Trump’s victory could be good news for persecuted Middle East Christians
Ed West, Catholic Herald

Middle East Christians in America and beyond appear to be behind the new president due to his pro-Russian, anti-Saudi leanings

Redefining business leadership as ‘stewardship’
Terence Chatmon, Washington Times

The Fellowship of Companies for Christ International is redefining the rules on business. Markets with a conscience thrive. Most people would say that a business exists to produce shareholders’ value, or profits. This is a true statement of sorts, but can a nation thrive with this belief?

Internet Freedom Wanes As Governments Target Messaging, Social Apps
Alina Selyukh, NPR

For decades Freedom House has been ranking the world on free speech, political and civil rights. In recent years, this nongovernmental organization has extended its research into the state of the Internet. And for the sixth consecutive year, it has found Internet freedom on a decline.

Money and Banking
Josh Hendrickson, The Everyday Economist

You might be able to teach an entire course on the microeconomics of money and banking based on the following thought experiment.

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