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PowerLinks 11.29.16

How Castro is Like the Minimum Wage
Bryan Caplan, EconLog

In my mind, then, Castro is a lot like the minimum wage: something we must stubbornly decry even though there are far greater ills in the world.

How Do You Solve Crony Capitalism?
James R. Rogers, Library of Law and Liberty

“Crony capitalism” is the idea that politically well-connected owners of productive factors – land, labor, capital, entrepreneurial skill – can use the government’s coercive power to limit competition and increase their return on those factors. More generally, it’s the use of the coercive powers of the state to redistribute resources to specific groups and their associates.

From prisoner to entrepreneur
Gerard Robinson and Elizabeth English, AEI

Finding employment is by far the most difficult — and critical — part of the reentry process for returned citizens. But survey data suggests that over half of those released from prison are unemployed for up to a year after being released.

Your 9-to-5 Is Not in Vain
Andre Yee, Desiring God

What do you do when you experience fruitlessness or even failure in your work? How do you respond when your hard work yields poor results?