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PowerLinks 05.09.17

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Why Conservatives Should Be Environmentalists
Nathan J. Beacom, Public Discourse

Environmentalism makes us loyal to one another in a fundamental way, points us to values beyond mere utility, and directs us back to the natural order of which we are a part.

The Decline of Mobility and the Decline of the Family
Robert VerBruggen, Family Studies

Per a new study, kids who experience more family transitions earn less as adults relative to their parents.

Church leaders say EU countries ignore pledges on religious freedom
Jonathan Luxmoore, Catholic News Service

The secretary-general of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences has criticized the lack of commitment on behalf of members of the European Union in the implementation of religious freedom guidelines set in 2013. “Freedom of religion is an absolute principle, and diplomatic and economic pressure should be used to defend it,” he said.

Adam Smith’s Civilizing Process
Peter Leithart, First Things

In the end, Smith endorsed the market and the social transformations associated with it, but he did so for cultural and political reasons. The commercial revolution is defensible because it civilizes.

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