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PowerLinks 05.12.17

6 facts about U.S. mothers
Pew Research

Here are some key findings about American mothers and motherhood from Pew Research Center reports.

Wegmans Among Businesses Putting Catholic Social Teaching to Good Use
Peter Jesserer Smith, National Catholic Register

Supermarket chain is one of a number of companies that are living out Church principles by putting the dignity of the person at the center of their business plans.

Fines for worship, prison for Bible study in China
Julia A. Seymour, WORLD News Service

Amid increasing attempts to suppress religious activities, Chinese authorities have detained, fined, and imprisoned Christians for public worship, buying and selling devotionals and group Bible study.

Poverty, Hunger, and US Agricultural Policy: Do Farm Programs Affect the Nutrition of Poor Americans?
Daniel A. Sumner, Joseph W. Glauber, Parke E. Wilde, AEI

Farm subsidies and related land retirements, market regulations, and trade policies have an array of small and offsetting impacts on farm commodity prices. When filtered through the supply chain, their impacts on retail prices and food consumption are surely tiny.

Joe Carter

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