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PowerLinks 07.27.17

The Ultimate Trifecta of Crony Capitalism
Alison Acosta Winters, The American Conservative

Three ways the deck will always be stacked against you.

NYC Government Spends $2 Million on a Park Bathroom
John Stossel,

Overspending is what government does.

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Supporters Ignore the Facts
Andrew Syrios, Mises Wire

In what has become a running joke amongst those skeptical of the claim that minimum wage increases have no effect on unemployment, a recent report by the Employment Policies Institute showed that 174 of the 184 co-sponsors of a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour hired unpaid interns.

Monopoly Was Invented to Demonstrate the Evils of Capitalism
Nigel Warburton, Aeon

The game’s little-known inventor, Elizabeth Magie, would no doubt have made herself go directly to jail if she’d lived to know just how influential today’s twisted version of her game has turned out to be. Why? Because it encourages its players to celebrate exactly the opposite values to those she intended to champion.