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PowerLinks 07.31.17

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5 faith facts about Sam Brownback: Political champion of religious freedom
Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service

Donald Trump has nominated Sam Brownback, the current governor of Kansas, to be the new ambassador for the Commission for International Religious Freedom. Brownback has a long history with religious freedom including being one of the sponsors who created the commission when he was in the U.S. Senate.

What happened when Walmart left
Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

In West Virginia, the people of McDowell County can’t get jobs, and recently lost their biggest employer – the local Walmart store. They describe the devastating loss of jobs, community and access to fresh food.

How Trump softened on NAFTA
The Week

President Trump “has gone squishy” on the North American Free Trade Agreement, said Peter Coy at Bloomberg Businessweek. With NAFTA renegotiations slated to begin Aug. 16, many analysts expected the Trump administration “to take a hard, nationalistic line” on updating the three-way pact with Mexico and Canada.

Government Workers Don’t Magically Become Altruists
David Gordon, Mises Wire

Christopher Freiman has in this brilliant book uncovered a flaw at the heart of much contemporary political philosophy, especially the sort of ideal theory influenced by John Rawls

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