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PowerLinks 08.01.17

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‘A Humane Economy’ – Book Interview with Jordan Ballor
Ilse Oosterlaken, Moral Markets

“Wilhelm Röpke (1899 –1966) was not just interested in theology, but also in history and in many other things that economists in the dominant neo-classical economic tradition normally never think about. Because he was knowledgeable of so many areas, he had very interesting things to say at the interface of economics and ethics, things which are still relevant today. But the fact that he did not fit in with mainstream economics might explain why he is not well known.

Hate Income Inequality? Blame Intrusive Government Policies.
J.D. Tuccille,

Government officials talk a good game about income inequality but impose policies that raise household costs, discourage employment, and kill opportunity.

What Does It Mean to Succeed?
Iain Duguid, Ligonier Ministries

What does it mean to succeed? We typically think success involves reaching particular personal and professional goals—prospering financially, being respected by peers, raising a solid family, and so on.

New Bernie Sanders Plan: We’ll Semi-Nationalize The Pharmaceutical Industry
Jazz Shaw, Hot Air

This should work out spectacularly. Bernie Sanders has had enough with Big Pharma and the high prices they charge for their stupid miracle drugs. And gosh darn it, he’s got a solution. He’ll use the power of the government to force pharmaceutical companies to charge a “fair price” for their goods.

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