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PowerLinks 08.15.17

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Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization
Samuel Gregg, Public Discourse

Any defense of the West must be clear about those core commitments to reason and the reasonable God that are central to its identity.

Market Is a Moral Success (But Threatened by Neoliberalism)
Govert Buijs, Moral Markets

The free market economy is a moral success, says Govert Buijs. But neoliberal thoughts and practices pose a threat to the “cooperative creativity” that is the basis of this success.

Add Homebuilders to the List of Industries Hurt by Tariffs
Robert Bellafiore and Tori Whiting, The Daily Signal

Rising costs for building materials are making it more expensive for the construction industry to recover.

Students At Most Colleges Don’t Pick ‘Useless’ Majors
Michelle Cheng, FiveThirtyEight

According to data from the federal Education Department, students at elite universities are more likely to pursue degrees in the humanities, arts and social sciences than students at less selective schools, who tend to choose majors that are more likely to lead to an immediate, well-paying job.

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