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PowerLinks 09.04.17

Do blue collar workers fit our theology of vocation?
Daniel Darling, ERLC

If we are not careful we can create a kind of second class system by elevating those whose vocations seem more praiseworthy.

The Greatest Book Never Written
Gleaves Whitney, The Imaginative Conservative

Lord Acton is the prophet who foresaw our times. He anticipated the dangers of statism. But ironically he is now a setting star—passé and remote. This, it must be said, is a tragedy of his own making. It’s a mystery why he never wrote his planned magnum opus.

Thanks to Markets, Houston’s Disaster Isn’t as Bad as it Might Have Been
Christopher Westley, Mises Wire

A political economy of natural disasters does not exactly exist yet. There are no classes in it that I know of. A dearth of writing attempts to define it. Yet, some of its lessons cry out following Hurricane Harvey’s wall banger into the coast of Texas.

The Regulatory State Is the Enemy of Economic Mobility
David Boaz, FEE

Why are Americans less likely to move to better opportunities than they used to be?

Joe Carter

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