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PowerLinks 09.21.17

3 Plates to Spin in the Vocation Conversation
Bernard N. Howard, TGC

Sometimes to understand the Bible rightly we need to be like a circus performer who keeps different plates spinning on sticks. If we focus too much on one biblical truth, others will begin to wobble and fall. This is certainly the case when we connect our faith to our daily work. Three biblical “plates” must be kept spinning simultaneously.

Right To Work Scores A Major Win In Wisconsin
Jazz Shaw, Hot Air

The Free Beacon updates us on the right to work movement in Wisconsin, where the state court of appeals has just delivered a major ruling which comes as a serious blow to the state’s unions.

New Study Shows Political Unrest Often Starts With Lack of Upward Mobility
Patrick Tyrrell and Anthony B. Kim, The Daily Signal

n countries with higher levels of economic freedom, individuals are free to move up (or down) the socio-economic ladder because of the decisions they make and the work that they do. They have what economists call social mobility

The Mixed History of the Church’s View of Work
Art Lindsley, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

The culture has often supported a view of work that contradicts the Bible.

Joe Carter

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