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PowerLinks 10.23.17

Millennial Malaise: Why Young People Are Turning to Socialism
Jacob Bruggeman, Values & Capitalism

Translating the collectivist impulse into government action has been shown to result only in unspeakable horrors. What is more, the post-Cold War capitalist order has not, in fact, failed—as socialist regimes, their downfalls so painfully memorable, have—and the data are conclusive.

‘Civilize the market’ for common good, care of creation, pope says
Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service

Pope Francis said on Friday that in societies where profit is allowed to be the only concern, “democracy tends to become a plutocracy, where inequality and the exploitation of the planet grows.” The pontiff said political action “must be placed truly at the service of the human person, the common good and respect for nature.”

When Payday Loans Die, Something Else Is Going to Replace Them
Gillian B. White, The Atlantic

The question is whether that something will be just as bad.

A War on Poverty That Would Work
Peter Cove, City Journal

The obsession with income inequality misses the point: jobs are the answer.

Joe Carter

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