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PowerLinks 11.03.17

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The Right Side of History: How ‘God-Given Rights’ and American Exceptionalism Are Inseparable
Jarrett Stepman and Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal

Thomas Jefferson articulated the concept of individual, God-given rights in the Declaration of Independence.

How the Kochs are trying to shake up public schools, one state at a time
Kimberly Hefling, Politico

With school choice efforts stalled in Washington, the billionaire Koch brothers’ network is engaged in state-by-state battles with teachers’ unions, politicians and parent groups to push for public funding of private and charter schools.

How free speech makes us richer
James Devereaux, CapX

What is the link between freedom of speech and prosperity?

Does “Fair-Trade” Coffee Help Poor Nations?
Wayne Grudem, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Prices are not determined by various people’s thoughts of what would be a ‘fair’ price.

Joe Carter

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