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PowerLinks 12.01.17

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New Study Shows Licensure Laws Kill Jobs in All 50 States
Collin Roth, The Daily Signal

In America, everyone who can is expected to work. We don’t think of work as some kind of punishment but as an element of a meaningful and productive life.

Do Red or Blue States Benefit More From the Current Tax Reform Proposals?
Lyman Stone, Institute for Family Studies

Red states end up being big beneficiaries of the child tax credit, and any expansion of the credit would overwhelmingly favor them.

Amazon is so good at keeping prices low, it’s changed how economists think about inflation
Alison Griswold and Dan Kopf, Quartz

At a recent conference at the St. Louis Fed, Kliesen presented research suggesting Amazon and other online retailers have limited inflation by keeping prices low.

Just Cronyism
Don Boudreaux , Cafe Hayek

We in the 21st century fancy ourselves as being far too intelligent to fall for the superstitions that were commonly accepted as capital-T Truths during medieval times. Alas, when it comes to economic matters this fancy is frequently fallacious.

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