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PowerLinks 01.05.18

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Why Is the U.S. So Bad at Worker Retraining?
Lolade Fadulu, The Atlantic

The strategies used to help workers displaced by technology and globalization in the 1980s ultimately failed. So why do the country’s policymakers continue to resort to the same tactics?

Housing was the world’s best investment over the last 150 years
Dan Kopf, Quartz

Stocks will bring you highs, but periodically will seriously let you down. Treasury bonds will keep you safe, but they won’t make you rich. Housing? That’s the best of both worlds.

1 of Every 5 Government Employees Has a 6-Figure Salary
Rachel del Guidice, The Daily Signal

Almost 30,000 rank-and-file government employees make over $190,823, more than any governor of the 50 states, according to a report from

How Expectations Coordinate Markets
Richard M. Ebeling, Mises Wire

Open, competitive markets have a resilient capacity to successfully coordinate the actions of, now, billions of people around the world.

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