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PowerLinks 01.22.18

How a Charity Uses Fake Money and Auction Markets to Help Feed America
Lawrence J. McQuillan, The Beacon

The new system works so well that it convinced a skeptical socialist that he was wrong: market incentives can allocate food better than central command and control.

The Three R’s of Effective Regulatory Reform
Ed Dolan, Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog

To get the good government they want, then, regulatory reformers must do more than cut, cut, cut. They must get their priorities right.

Biblical Illiteracy = Cultural Illiteracy
Edward Rothstein, Mosaic

The Bible molded modern English and shaped American society and culture. Now, as attacks on the Museum of the Bible suggest, it has been cripplingly tossed aside.

A new kind of crop could help defeat world hunger
Heather Ohly and Nicola Lowe, CapX

Biofortified crops are more resilient against pests, diseases, higher temperatures and drought.

Joe Carter

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