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What if Davos Man got baptized?

The World Economic Forum is taking place this week in Davos, Switzerland. The meetings are dominated by a class of individual that the late Samuel Huntington named “Davos Man”: cosmopolitan, secular, and having self-consciously purged every hint of such parochial ties as tradition or particularity. Davos Man meets annually to frolic in Alpine splendor, and engage in supranational statism, with other Davos Men.

“Imagine that instead of a global gathering of elites and celebrities, the World Economic Forum tried to see the challenges facing the world through the lens of faith and the Judeo-Christian ethic that has guided the West to its current status of wealth and power,” writes Jon Miltimore, the senior editor of Intellectual Takeout, in a new essay at Acton’s Religion & Liberty Transtatlantic website. “What might a Christian Davos look like? Would such an event even be possible?”

Read Jon Miltimore’s full essay here.

Rev. Ben Johnson

Rev. Ben Johnson is the former Executive Editor of the Acton Institute's flagship journal Religion & Liberty.