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Rev. Ben Johnson is Senior Editor at the Acton Institute.

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On the House of European History: ‘Without Christianity, Europe has no soul’

The newly opened House of European History has a blind spot: It entirely omits the role that religion played in European history. According to a new essay from Arnold Huijgen at Religion & Liberty Transatlantic, when it comes to religion, the $61 million museum in Brussels, built by the European Parliament, is “an empty House.” Instead, the EU displaces the Divine in its exhibits. Continue Reading...

This wedding ceremony stresses more than one kind of charity

On Sunday, I attended the wedding of a wonderful young couple I’ve known most of their lives. (Weddings in the Orthodox Church are usually held on Sundays, rather than Saturdays, so that the newlyweds will not be tempted to begin their married life by skipping church.) While I’ve had the joy of performing the marriage ceremony, this time as I stood among the friends and well-wishers, a single sentence stood out to me. Continue Reading...