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Rev. Ben Johnson is Managing Editor of the Acton Institute's flagship journal Religion & Liberty and edits its transatlantic website.

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The EU: Where cronyism and virtue signaling meet

Despite persistent caricature, corporate titans do not always view government regulators as enemies; they often see them as unwitting collaborators. Big business and the regulatory state go hand-in-hand, according to Michael Gove, a Conservative Party Member of the UK’s Parliament. Continue Reading...

Does David Beckham have a moral obligation to get ‘soaked’?

Retired soccer legend David Beckham was denied knighthood in 2013 after British authorities flagged him for “tax avoidance,” according to a new story in the Telegraph. Beckham had invested in Ingenious Media, a company that supported the British film industry – and also allowed investors to write off their losses.  Continue Reading...
David Beckham

Should the government cap CEOs’ salaries?

Ideas have consequences, but they do not have geographical boundaries. The latest example of this truth is UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal that the government impose a maximum annual salary on British residents – an “earnings cap” on how much anyone could earn in any given year. Continue Reading...