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Caroline Roberts is a managing editor at the Acton Institute and produces Acton's weekly podcast, Acton Line.

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The self-defeating nature of sin taxes

Rev. Ben Johnson, senior editor at the Acton Institute, writes at CapX that bishops should refrain from encouraging sin taxes. Recently in Poland, a letter written by bishop Tadeusz Bronakowski was read aloud in many Catholic churches, stating that the “state has a ‘responsibility’ to pass laws limiting alcohol’s ‘physical and economic availability,’ and to back them up with ‘ruthless enforcement.'” Johnson, however, asks bishops to take a look at historical records regarding sin taxes and reconsider their stance, because past and present sin taxes have resulted in a burgeoning black market. Continue Reading...

Samuel Gregg on the Pope’s problematic view of Venezuela

In a new article for the WSJ, writer William McGurn writes that while Pope Francis and the Vatican have stubbornly resisted speaking out against Venezuela’s regime, a recent uprising in Venezuela pushed the Vatican to finally admit “profound concern.” When the Pope and the Vatican criticize America however, their comments seem much more incendiary. Continue Reading...