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Caroline Roberts is a managing editor at the Acton Institute and produces Acton's weekly podcast, Acton Line.

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Acton Line rebroadcast: Tackling populism with Ben Domenech

Populism is gaining traction, both abroad and in the United States. In 2017, the Swedish libertarian think tank Timbro and the European Policy Information Center released their “Authoritarian Populism Index,” showing that populist parties have gained the highest percentage of the vote in nine countries, including Hungary (65.2%), Poland (46.4%) and Greece (45.1%). Continue Reading...

Book review: Samuel Gregg’s new book offers cautionary tale

What happens when the relationship between reason and faith is eroded? Samuel Gregg, director of research at Acton Institute, addresses this question in his latest book, “Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization.” “Samuel Gregg wishes to see the human spirit soar, and his new book…offers a concise intellectual history of the West through the prism of the relationship between faith and reason,” writes Free Beacon Media Analyst, Jeffrey Cimmino in his book review. Continue Reading...