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Video: Robert Doar on poverty in America

In July of this year, Robert Doar officially took the reins as President of the American Enterprise Institute, succeeding friend of Acton Arthur C. Brooks in that role. Yesterday, we were pleased to welcome Doar to deliver an address on poverty in America as part of the 2019 Acton Lecture Series. Continue Reading...
Robert Doar

Angela Dills on Uber and the social good

In recent years, Uber and other ride-sharing services have caused a lot of turmoil in urban transportation markets that have long been dominated by traditional taxi companies. And with the arrival of a disruptive force in a market, many questions arise: who benefits from the disruptions caused by new technologies? Continue Reading...
Angela Dills at the Acton Lecture Series

Rev. Sirico: Easter in the wake of the Notre Dame fire

It was a terrible thing on Monday to watch as flames consumed the beautiful and historic Notre Dame du Paris cathedral; I’m certain that I was not alone in fearing that before the conflagration was over, we would see that sublime structure come crashing down in a heap of ash and shattered stone. Continue Reading...
Rose Window