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A bishop opposes mandatory union membership (video)

Some Catholic leaders have called the Supreme Court’s Janus decision “disappointing.” But a bishop says the Court ruled correctly, both because the union funds immoral activity and because compulsory union dues violate Catholic teachings on the freedom of association. Continue Reading...

Competition and Infrastructure Stewardship

The state of Michigan is in the midst of something of an infrastructure crisis. We’re consistently ranked as among the states with the worst roads in the nation, something of an embarrassment for what used to be the automotive capital of the US. Continue Reading...

Jumping the Shark: Hoffa’s Rant and Rerum Novarum

James Hoffa put on quite a performance this weekend—first on CNN’s “State of the Union,” and then in Detroit at a Labor rally with President Obama. Also this weekend, President Biden revealed that the White House seems to have given up and decided America is already a “house divided,” with “barbarians at the gate” in the form of the Tea Party. Continue Reading...

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