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Radio Free Acton: The fight for $15, stock market boom and Oxfam’s 2018 inequality report

On this episode of Radio Free Acton, Caroline Roberts talks to Joe Carter, Senior Editor at Acton, about minimum wage and the debate surrounding the “Fight for $15.” Then on the Econ Quiz segment, Dave Hebert, Professor of Economics at Aquinas College, speaks with John Couretas, Executive Editor and Director of Communications at Acton, about the stock market boom (segment was recorded before the Jan. Continue Reading...

Minimum wage, minimum liberty

Taking their cue from Seattle, cities and states are implementing minimum wage increases all over the country. Late last year, voters in Washington approved an increase in the statewide minimum wage that will raise it to $13.50 per hour by 2020. Continue Reading...

The danger of looking past economics and raising the minimum wage

This past week, one of the rising political figures in the Democratic Party, Mayor Peter Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana penned an op-ed for the South Bend Tribune arguing that raising the minimum wage is “the right thing to do.” Mayor Buttigieg, cites three reasons why he believes raising the minimum-wage is the right thing to do: It’s good for business, good for the economy, and good for family.  Continue Reading...

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