The end of April marks the conclusion to the first month of operation for the Acton Institute’s PowerBlog. Thanks to all the commenters and readers who have made this outreach effective.

  • The blog looks really good — I wish there was a way to connect it with the discussion forum.

    How would one contact individual writers?
    How would one become a blog writer?

    [sour grapes coming]
    I wrote notes suggesting that Acton have a blog, or series of blogs, both a year ago, and a couple of months ago. No reply.
    [I’m glad there IS one.]

    I don’t think any of the blog posters have been at all active in the discussions on the forum. I note the home page of Acton has “discuss”, which is now pointing at the blog, NOT the forum. (Some other pages still point “discuss” to the forum.) The front page should have Blog as a title, maybe between Discuss and Contribute.

    Please keep up the good work!