Blog author: jballor
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speaking of “green” jobs, here’s the ultimate green job:

Maybe we’d all be better off if our federal lawmakers took their own jobs this seriously.

  • This is funny. :)

  • Ken

    The cartoon is funny because it’s true.

    In Los Angeles as in other U.S. cities with lots of people, the Air Quality Control District — AQMD — has for years brokered with business using fees and regulations. They required companies to bus workers from outlying areas in exchange for getting a permit to expand or improve their plant. In another form the regulators have required alterations in the access to bathrooms for disabled; the removal of asbestos from structural features of a building [they stopped this one when it was determined that the removal was more hazardous than the presence.] The list goes on and it’s an expensive, VERY expensive list. Manufacturing left California and even computer programmers started to look like burger flippers.

    A Phd from a midwest technical center told me last year that he was leaving the university job to set himself up as an emissions broker using all the contacts he’d made in industry previously developing new alloys for the improvement of products. He plans on making “big bucks” and he’ll likely be talking to the guy laying in bed if his plans proceed.

    Or, the sheep can start pushing back. HR 2454 may have passed the House but there’s still the opportunity for citizens to stop this craziness which has taken on a California Left Coast patina.

    Start calling your Congressmen and continue until they and Mr Obama stop.