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Report: Pope’s New Economics Encyclical Leaked

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According to the Catholic News Agency, an Italian newspaper claims to have acquired some parts of the upcoming Caritas in Veritate encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI.  Some of the quotes published by Corriere della Sera are claimed to be from the encyclical and align with the predictions that the Pope will be advocating for morality to be the basis of solving our economic crisis. Here is a quote:

Without truth, without trust and love for what is truthful, there is no conscience or social responsibility, and the social action falls under the control of private interests or logics of power, with the destructive effect on society, even more on a society on the way to globalization, in difficult moments like the current ones.

Corriere della Sera also says that the encyclical will address a number of global issues, including world hunger.  The Italian paper pulls a few other claimed quotes from the Pope’s encyclical: Charity in truth requires an urgent reform to confront courageously and without hesitation the great problems of injustice in the development of the nations; Food and water are universal rights; [and] the development of all nations depends above all in recognizing that we are one single family.

Despite all of the rumors, predictions, and claims to know what the Pope’s encyclical actually says, we are going to have to wait until to release to finally hear the Pope’s words.  The PowerBlog will continue to cover the encyclical prior to and after its release.

Louie Glinzak


  • Karen

    I hope that those reading that “we are one single family” will realize that it does not mean we are all exactly the same but that we are unique individuals working together for the common good. Each person/country needs to be respected for the contribution he/she can make and given the freedom to develop their God-given talents.

  • Geo.

    Economics is the study of how Man utilizes scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants.The goal….maximazation of the wellbeing of man. The Faith is about Man utilizing Gods specific gifts: Intellect ,Free Will and Stewardship , to maximize his wellbeing in the hereafter. Note that neithor is only a “short run” maximazation.

    A free enterprise system that allows each individual to utilize their Intellect, Free Will and Stewardship over the resources with which they have been intrusted within a moral framework of honesty,integrety and open dealings will best result in the dignity and wellbeing of mankind : the dignity of work and the best allocation of resources.

    As I recall we are all equal before God here on earth…yet there is NO equality in the hereafter. So, equality of outcome “On Earth” cannot exist in a Free Will system. Attempts to “create” equality of outcomes by force or social intemidation interfers with the decision making signels thus disrupting individual Stewardship decisions….ultamately reducing the wellbeing of mankind.

    I hope this paper does not use flowery open ended subjective words which allow some “interest group” to proclaim unequal outcomes as “INJUSTICE”! Preventing Injustice is a government function. Offsetting “Unequal Outcomes” is charity , a function of the Faith. I submit The Church risks becomeing irrlevent when it fails in it’s own Stewardship and abdicates its charitable role to “THE GUNS OF GOVERNMENT”.