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Keeping Track of Elected Officials

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Many people that I know go out and vote to elect Congress members, U.S. senators, and all sorts of local officials. But I don’t know of that many people who are able or willing to go out and see what their elected officials are actually doing.

I recently discovered a website — a project of The Washington Post — that helps you keep track of just that, although only on the Federal level. The “Votes Database” lets you follow what’s going through Congress, and how everyone is voting. It lets you see what the party vote was, and also how individual elected officials voted.

For those who don’t like visiting websites every day, you can get RSS feeds for each member of Congress and monitor their work from your favorite RSS reader. This is a great way to get a little bit more proactive about knowing what’s happening in the government.

Jonathan Spalink


  • A. Scott Crawford

    To add to the above post: One can find out which special interests are giving how much money to a candidate (legally, at least) by going to the following site:

    The site compiles FEC filed data and documents at the Federal level as a non-profit.