Blog author: jballor
Thursday, May 12, 2005

Today’s Christian Science Monitor has a story on the increasing use of micro-loans by Christian aid and development groups. According to the story, “Religious organizations are increasingly adopting the Talmudic sentiment that the noblest form of charity is helping others to dispense with it.”

Ron Sider, in the twentieth anniversary edition of his book, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, strongly endorses the use of micro-loans as a means of getting desperately needed capital to those who need it and can put it to good use. It seems like the word is getting out.

Rev. Jerry Zandstra relates the plight of a person in need of capital, and the way a personal micro-loan can make use of “Useless Resources.”

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  • Tom Grey – Liberty Dad

    Give a man a fish and he still needs clothes and a house. Offer him a job and you offer him … civilization.

    A private loan for a small business is EXACTLY what is needed — and why most gov’t to gov’t aid fails to reach the poor.