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The Gift

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Rev. Robert Sirico examines the nature of giving, which keeps us all so busy during this Christmas season. “Without exchange, without private property and a moral sense of its foundation, giving would be limited, impossible or morally dubious,” he writes.

Read the commentary here.

Jonathan Spalink


  • Joe Paz Iturralde

    Dear Rev. Sirico:

    From Buenos Aires, Argentina, I wanted to tell you (in my weak English) that I allways read your comments because they are very inspirational and motivational!!. Here, with the people confronting with their daily economic problems and, on the other hand, with a very low sense of Religiosity, this Christmas looks very lifeless without the light of our Redeemer.

    I hope to know you and the Acton Institue some day there in your so beautiful Country

    José Paz Iturralde (38 Years old)

  • peter alexander egom

    Great stuff.Very deep but accesible.Will only add that when the economic kingdom of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ comes to this earth, economics and charity will become one and the same thing beacause where Chronos intersects at this time with Kairos mine will always be thine.
    Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year to you Fr. and to your readers.