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Assumptions Chosen for Frightening Conclusions

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John Baird, Canada’s Minister of the Environment, says that following the requirements of the Kyoto protocol would lead to a deep recession in his nation’s economy. Mr. Baird claims that the 6 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions required by Kyoto would lead to a 25 percent increase in Canada’s unemployment rate by 2009. I haven’t researched John Baird, Canada’s economic status as influenced by global warming, or the accuracy of Mr. Baird’s numbers. I’m mostly amused by the close of the BBC article I just read on this matter.

Some opposition MPs and environmentalists countered that Mr Baird’s findings were based on assumptions chosen for their frightening conclusions.

Assumptions chosen for their frightening conclusions? Let’s not forget that we’re daily told that we’re all going to die in 25 years because of fill in the blank which is a direct result of global warming caused by human emission of greenhouse gases.

I wonder if there is a connection between terrorism and global warming. I’ve always imagined the Middle East to be a generally warm place – maybe terrorism is fueled by rising temperatures. I think if I lived in a generally warm place, I would have issues with the West for increasing temperatures too. As it stands, I live in Michigan (it snowed last week) and I don’t have that problem.

Jonathan Spalink


  • Doug Schulek-Miller

    I think we need to remember that the “Global Warming” phenomenon is just another marketing plan, executed primarily by two or three groups. One is the folks who seek to make money out of the gloom-and-doom scenario. people like Al Gore who is reputed to own parts of various carbon-offset companies and has profited tremendously from the success of his marketing program. This group also includes the meteorologists and environmental scientists who’ve never had such a money-spinning opportunity since the Global Ice Age broke up and sank in the early 70’s.
    The second group is all governments who are using this opportunity to take more of our money to increase their budgets and do a bit more income redistribution on the backs of the only people earning money, us.
    The third group is all the environmentalist groups who’ve not had such a splash in publicity since Krakatoa blew.
    My particular opinion is that except for the downside economic leverage added to the burden of businesses and the rest of us peons in this world, it is an interesting marketing ploy and remarkable capitalist opportunity.
    The last one that gripped the world with this kind of enthusiasm centered around Tulip Bulbs; or maybe it was the South Seas; it could have been “dot-com”, but as with all hyper-inflated bubbles, it, too will burst, making the governments look like the fools we citizens know they are. Canada is one of the few governments in the developed world that is not responding the the ultra-hysteria and seeming to view Chicken Little as… Chicken Little.