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Is Benedict XVI “The Green Pope”?

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Kishore Jayabalan, the Director of Acton’s Rome office, took to the airwaves this morning on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air program to discuss recent media speculation about Pope Benedict XVI’s statements on the moral responsibility of Catholics to care for creation. Does this make Benedict “green”? Or is this simply a continuation of long-standing Vatican policy dating to the pontificate of John Paul II and prior?

Kishore answers those questions and sheds light on how the Holy See approaches environmental issues and treaties in general during his conversation with host Sean Herriott. You can listen to the interview by clicking here (3.5 mb mp3 file).

Marc Vander Maas


  • It was very interesting to hear Kishore’s interview. Thaks for the podcast.
    I am working on a short paper on THE SAFEGUARD OF THE ENVIRONMENT BY MARKET FORCES, to be presented on the APEE (Association of Private Enterprise Education) meeting in Las Vegas this April, and I dare to ask for your help.

    My point, simply stated, is that the point 470 of the Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church is wrong, when it states that “The environment is one of those goods that cannot be adequately safeguarded or promoted by market forces.” Now, to probe my point I need empirical evidence, that can be used to probe the opposite.

    I need many cases, from different countries, in order to show that the environment CAN BE adequately safeguarded or promoted by market forces.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thanks, and regards to Fr. Siricco.