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Rev. Robert A. Sirico on Pope Benedict XVI’s US Visit

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Acton Institute President Rev. Robert A. Sirico appeared on Fox Business Network to discuss Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States this week. If you didn’t catch it live, the video is here:

You’ll also want to tune in this afternoon during the 4:00 hour on Fox News Channel as Rev. Sirico joins Neil Cavuto to comment on Pope Benedict’s arrival.

Update: Here’s the video of this afternoon’s appearance on Fox News Channel:

Marc Vander Maas


  • Suresh Bhaskaran

    Dear Fr. Sirico,

    Thank you for adressing the Pope’s visit so directly, and being such an excellent “voice” of the pope for the U. S. Media. I am glad you are at Acton. I looked for, hoping for something “glaring” to see regarding the Pope’s visit. But I only saw a blog by you. That is great!! I am glad you are keeping the Pope’s “voice” and presence alive, both at Acton, and in the business/politics/current-events-focused media.

    Love you.

    All my well wishes and prayer-support for the wonderful work you are continuing doing.