The WSJ reports, to the relief of the White House and Capitol Hill, no doubt: “U.S. retail sales increased in May, rising double the rate expected in a sign consumers were using stimulus payments and that the economy might not be as weak as feared.” Whether or not this is really evidence of the “success” of the government stimulus package, you can be sure that it will be proclaimed as such from on high over the next days and weeks.

We can have a good debate about the best place to send your charitable dollars (and the Samaritan Guide is a great place to start that conversation), but at least here’s an example of someone who didn’t run right out and buy an air conditioner or a flat-panel HDTV.

(Marc, it looks like the government’s fears may have been misplaced. You can finally rest easy.)

  • Marc Vander Maas

    Thanks for reopening painful old wounds, Jordan. That’s very charitable of you.

  • Yeah Marc, you can always count on Jordan to take the high road. That’s why we all admire him so much.

  • The real question is, compared to Marc, is there [url=]a low road[/url]?

  • Marc Vander Maas

    Good grief, Jordan; isn’t there a chimera somewhere that you can write about instead of this sort of childish piling-on?

  • [I]Touché, mon ami![/I]