Blog author: jballor
Monday, June 16, 2008

We had a very active week on the blogosphere during this year’s Acton University. The daily round-ups are linked below, as well as updated links to summary and reflective posts written after the conference’s completion. Many of our bloggers have been inspired to produce a series of reactions in the days and weeks following this year’s events.

If you’ve posted your thoughts on Acton University 2008 and we haven’t noted it above, kindly drop us a line in the comment boxes below.

  • Tex

    Not sure where to direct this question, but I figured someone who knows where it ought to end up probably reads this blog.

    In one of his lectures at Acton University on globablization and the developing world, Mr. Miller alluded to coercive practices (imperialistic, he called them) that tied foreign aid to compliance with suspect family planning solutions like abortion and even sterilization.

    I’m looking for documentation/citations that document this claim…google is not turning up as much as I would hope.