Blog author: jballor
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rev. Bernard Njoroge

During last week’s Symposium, Acton communication staff had the opportunity to interview two African religious leaders on a variety of issues facing their continent, including the $40 billion in debt relief proposed to the G8 nations.

The Rt. Rev. Bernard Njoroge is bishop of the diocese of Nairobi in the Episcopal Church of Africa, and also a member of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission. Chanshi Chanda is chairman of the Institute of Freedom for the Study of Human Dignity in Kitwe, Zambia. You can read an edited and condensed transcript of their interview here. You can also take a look at video excerpts from the interview, with Bishop Njoroge and Chanshi Chanda.

Mr. Chanshi Chanda

All of these items and many more resources are available in Acton’s “Aid to Africa” press page.