“Work gives meaning to life: It is the form in which we make ourselves useful to others, and thus to God.”

–Lester DeKoster, Work: The Meaning of Your Life—A Christian Perspective, 2d ed. (Christian’s Library Press, 2010).

  • i do so like the story of the old coal miner. when JFK was running in the Democratic Primary in West Virgina he would as  politicians do greet the workers as they were going to or coming from their shifts. the story had gone round about Kennedy being a rich kid who had it easy unlike the miners. as he shook the hand of one old fellow the miner asked: “Son, it it true you never had to do a hard  days work in your life!” JFK responded “Yes sir, that is true.” the old miner paused for a second and then replied ” Son, ya haven’t missed a damn thing.”