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Acton Commentary: Hollywood’s Radical Che Chic

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Was the real Che Guevara a lover of “humanity, justice and truth”? In his commentary today, Bruce Edward Walker reviews Steven Soderbergh’s new four-hour “Che” film epic and discovers “a cinematic paean to one of the twentieth-century’s most infamous butchers.”

Read the entire commentary at the Acton Institute website.

Brittany Hunter


  • Dave

    The link to the Independent Institute’s page you referenced for partial listing of Che’s crimes leads to a “not found” page.

    Maybe some of those who saw the movie will read this and realize how badly hoodwinked they were. We can only hope.

  • Aaron B. Smith

    Peter Andrews and Stephen Soderbergh are one in the same person. Soderbergh credits himself as Andrews to comply with Director’s Guild Regulations.

  • We have fixed the link (thanks Dave) with this 2005 article by Alvaro Vargas Llosa titled, “The Killing Machine: Che Guevara, from Communist Firebrand to Capitalist Brand”

  • Troy Bowles

    I think Che wanted the best for humanity. He was certainly wrong about communism, but I think his head was in the right place. Ultimately he was a good man, I think. I could be wrong but I think he wanted the best for humankind.

  • Jimmy Coffin

    Che got what he deserved.

  • Troy, I suggest you learn some more about Che before you say he was a “good man.” Start here: